VCCS would like to extend a hearty welcome to Mrs. Elizabeth Mann. Mrs. Mann will be joining us at the Middle/ High School location where she will serve as a mathematics instructor. Certified in Math, Science and English she is well equipped for the task at hand. Most importantly Mrs. Mann has a heart for God and dedication to her students. We are pleased to have her join the Victory family. Please read below letter from Mrs. Mann.

Dear Parent(s):
I would like to formally introduce myself as your child(ren)’s new math teacher at VCCS. I thank Father God, Mrs. Riley and you for adding me to your village and trusting me with your child(ren); I will give my best, as unto the Lord.

My Name is Mrs. Elizabeth Livingston Mann, and I was born and raised in the Appalachia Hills of Pennsylvania until I was 10 years of age, when we moved to North Carolina. I allowed my parents’ relationship problems to affect my grades and came to NC with a 20% on my 9-wks report card in mathematics. I started at Wingate Elementary School in the Advanced Math group of 5th grade class for no other reason than the teachers at Wingate believed in uplifting even the most horrendous student (because doubt and criticism very rarely accomplish or inspire anything or anybody). So, between my new found love for math and a collection of Little House on the Prairie books, I decided then and there that I wanted to be a teacher one day. I wanted to be an adult that inspired students to do better, to be better, and give them the tools to achieve their dreams even though I know from experience how much effort and responsibility on their parts it will take. I would like to prepare them for the rigors of that as well.

My teaching philosophy is that any student can learn anything if I am doing my job correctly. I need your help to do that. I appreciate any emails, texts, phone calls and/or meetings you would like to set up to discuss your student specifically or any other concerns you may have. I would ask, however, that you give me at least two weeks to get everything in order and running as smoothly as possible. I prefer to get to know the students, as well as, their hopes and dreams so that I can make the curriculum fit the students, not the students fitting a standardized curriculum. If we, the students and I, give our best efforts to accomplish what we need to do in order to accomplish the goals we will be setting, then the test scores will take care of themselves.
I will be sending out a new syllabus before the end of this week. It will outline some of the expectations that I have for the rest of the school year and possible projects I would like to use to inspire students to care about their own learning and to recognize the importance of “Getting the Work DONE, before We have Fun!” which is my classroom motto. I was chosen for the calling of teacher, because I took to heart the scripture about having the faith of a child.

I will be starting an afterschool study hall, with Mrs. Riley’s permission, on Tuesday afternoons until 6:30-7pm. All are welcome. Come for five minutes or come for as long as you need help. I will also be putting numerous helpful links online for student and parent use. I will notify you when measures are set up and ready to go.

I know there will probably be a few wrinkles to iron out with all of my idealistic hopes and plans, but I am willing to trust Father God and Holy Spirit to direct my path and Jesus to remind us that we are loved, capable and worthy of running the race set before us. Together we can make this a successful school year.
Elizabeth (MizLiz) Mann emann@vccskings.com
828-459-MANN (6266)