We hope you are enjoying your summer so far! Between vacations, family reunions, summer camp experiences, we pray that you use the next several weeks to recharge and energize for the upcoming school year.
Just as you would enroll your son or daughter in a conditioning camp to sharpen their athletic gifts, below you will find resources to help your son or daughter sharpen their academic skills to prevent the “brain drain” that often occurs during the Summer Break (June-August). Please refer to the Calendar of assignments prepared for your Middle/High School student(s) to work on over the summer to keep your child’s skills keen in preparation for the 2019-20 School Year.
We understand that some parents may not have received the initial email with this information. Please allow your student to start this week as we have built in a “Catch-up Week” in August. Students will not be penalized, but rather will be able to receive grades in English and Math for assignments successfully completed and turned in when we return in August!
Summer Enrichment Attachments:
Additionally, students who complete their online assignments and turn in their Novel Summary Products will be invited to a special incentive party in the Fall.