VCCS Places 2nd in NC Dept. of Transportation’s Model Bridge Building Competition


by Michael Cartwright Journalism Team Writer

In March, our high school physical science class traveled to Morganton, North Carolina to compete in the North Carolina Department of Transportation Model Bridge Competition. Each school had to build a bridge out of basal wood and glue capable of sustaining weight. Additionally, each team had to write a paper detailing the specifics of the bridge and present a skit about the process of making the bridge.

The bridge competition was a tremendous success for the class which included mostly 10th graders and one senior. For a couple of months now, our physical science class has been studying and building basal wood bridges. We worked hard and diligently leading up to the basal wood bridge competition, making sure everything from our design to our skit was in top shape to compete. Our skit included some rap bars, some dance moves, and some laughs. Our rap skit starring Joshua Hill and myself, along with the rest of the class, went really good from the knowledge we dropped to the choreography that couldn’t be stopped!

After the skits, it was time for the breaking of the bridges. Our bridge snapped at 14.2 pounds so that was pretty good! Shortly after, Polk County Early College was up for bridge breaking and it snapped at around 28 pounds. They were more experienced with basal wood bridges; this was our first time in this competition atmosphere. The judges finally added up the scores for each area of the competition – the bridge breaking, design and performance scores.

Our physical science class won 2nd place overall! That’s pretty good for a first time experience! They even wanted an encore of the rap that we performed during the competition! You can’t disappoint the fans! But, the trip was tons of fun and was definitely a new learning experience. It felt great to try something new as a class and as a Kings family. I really hope we can try to be regulars at the basal wood bridge competition!

Thank you, Miss Williams, for this innovative trip and for giving us a new experience to remember. This article was written by Michael Cartwright (Sophomore), Journalism Team Writer.

Photo Above: The VCCS Model Bridge Building Team (Left to Right) Front – Miss Kimberly Williams, Yasin Muhammad, Michael Cartwright, Jurnee Coleman, Jayla Osborne, Charles Redd, Malik Coates, Mojisola Otusheso & Mr. Jonathan Chisholm; Back – Leroy Jones, Jonathan McCullum, Matthew Spencer, Stephen Sims, Marco Krebs, Joshua Hill

Congratulations Miss Kimberly Williams, Mr. Jonathan Chisholm
& the Model Bridge Building Team!