VCCS Elementary Tops Competition

Calling all official Box Tops Collectors! It’s time for our first Box Tops Competition! We all shop for groceries,
sometimes two or three times a week—or more. Please join us by turning those shopping trips into easy cash
for our school. Invite your friends, neighbors and family members to do the same! For more information, visit Be sure to become a member and receive exclusive coupons and learn about extra ways for
our school to earn.

Our goal for the year is $1,000. We can reach our goal if everyone participates!

All Box Tops coupons collection sheets should be submitted by Monday, October 29.

We appreciate our VIP group for sponsoring the awards. Award tiers are indicated below.
Tier 1 – 150 or more Box Tops: Pizza and Ice cream Party & Surprise Gift Bag
Tier 2 – 75 Box Tops: Pizza and Ice cream Party
Tier 3 – 50 Box Tops: Participation Prize

· Clipped Box Tops are each worth 10¢. Tape/glue these to collection sheet.
· Bonus certificates should not be attached to the collection sheet – please submit them separately (in a zip
lock bag or envelope).
· Remember to check the expiration date.
· Do not submit damaged coupons—code and expiration date must be visible.

To see more ways to earn cash for your child’s school, go to Plus, don’t miss out on all the chances
to win Bonus Box Tops at