The Gatekeepers – 9/11 Presentation Article

Remembering the Day That Shook America






By The Gatekeepers

CHARLOTTE, NC   On Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Coach Jay Alverson came and spoke to VCCS students about the tragic events that happened on 9/11.

Middle and High School students were gathered in the cafeteria where Coach Alverson gave his firsthand knowledge and experience of this tragic attack. Coach Alverson was in the military at the time, and was participating in a military exercise on air strikes on the day of the attacks.

In his presentation there were images of planes hitting the World Trade Center Twin Towers and also the Pentagon. He said that there were more planes planned by Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist group to attack the United States. Coach Alverson explained that the terrorists were trying to strike fear in us and tell us they can reach the United States any time they want.

Students were sad to see people running in panic with ash on their faces and people having to make the decision to either burn alive inside the towers or jump to their death. Students saw people dealing with the loss of loved ones and pets.

“What stuck out to me most was, President George W. Bush had to sit and listen to the children and let them finish their presentation,” said ninth grader, Harmony White.

Eleventh grader, Jayla Osborne said, “For me, hearing some of the final phone calls from the victims calling their loved ones telling them it’s the last time they would hear from them was really sad.”

Coach Alverson ended the moving presentation with the quote, “We might have been destroyed, but never defeated.” He stated that so history is not repeated we should never forget.