KINGS’ Trip to Camp Canaan

VCCS Trip to Camp Canaan 2018

Last week, our middle and high school students participated in a retreat to Camp Canaan in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Students arrived at the camp and were separated into seven different teams with each team being represented by a different color. Teams worked together to complete the Canaan Island Challenge. During the challenge, teams competed against each other by going through different stations and activities such as bean bag toss, bucket on head toss, traffic jam, tug-of-war, archery competition, etc. After completing each activity, the teams received a certain amount of points and exchanged those points for coins. Teams took the coins to the “Bank” where they were used to buy parts to build a custom glider. The goal was to see which team’s glider would fly the farthest. Each team worked diligently to build the best, most aerodynamic glider that they could afford with their coins. The Grey Team came in last place and the Red Team came in first place. At the end of the challenge, the teams were combined to start the afternoon’s activities. Teams (and teachers) enjoyed playing archery tag, bubble soccer and kickball in rotation.
At the end of the day, students and teachers came together to share their experiences and tell what they had learned during their Camp Canaan experience. Many students shared that they learned how to work together as a team by communicating, listening, and trusting each other. Others remarked how they were able to put into practice this year’s theme, “I am Iron,” by encouraging their peers as they worked through their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, they also learned that having patience is key to achieving community goals. Personally, my experience at Camp Canaan was hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had. As a new student here at Victory, working together with my classmates allowed me to get to know them more and bond with them. My team, the Pink Team, came in sixth place. Even though we did not win the Challenge, the fun I had and the lessons I have learned were much greater than winning.
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