Black History Musical Drama Is Outstanding!


My! What a time!  “And From Here…WE RISE,” the VCCS black history musical drama was extraordinary indeed. This original production, written by our Librarian Mrs. Shekina White and our Preschool Director Mrs. Crystal Durham, featured the diverse talents of our students, faculty and staff.  We are truly thankful to God for this success and for everyone who sacrificed time and resources to ensure such an excellent performance.

The musical production was a perfect fusion of drama, dance, poetry, song and of course…black history accomplishments. The dramatic reenactments covered everything from slavery and education of blacks in America, the struggles and triumphs of black Americans and characters ranging from Mahalia Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington and others!

Special thanks to our parents for helping us prepare and to our supporters for being there. We’re especially grateful to Pastor and Mrs. Gool. Also, we’d like to thank our students, faculty and staff, along with the VCC Media, Maintenance and Promotions departments.