Athletic Director

pic-1-1Dear Kings Family,

Glory to God! On behalf of the professionals that make up our athletic administration, staff and coaches, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many families, friends, and alums for their support of our student athletes. Victory Christian Center School has grown and maintained excellence for over 28 years and will continue going from glory to glory.

At Victory Christian Center School, we understand that it is a privilege to participate in sports. Understanding that it is God who has given us the gifts, talents, and the abilities that we have, honoring Him with those attributes is our focus.

Our athletic program consists of 9 sports with over 15 different teams, ranging from middle school through high school.  These choices provide the opportunity for our students to be exposed to the valuable life lessons of teamwork, self-discipline, courage, and fortitude that can be used in their future. The experiences in the athletic arena can teach how to win with grace and handle defeat with dignity.  The learning that takes place in the athletic program, we believe, compliments our student athlete’s learning in the classroom and prepares them for life after Victory Christian.

It is our desire that the conduct of our coaches, athletes and spectators remains exemplary. We ask for your continued support as we maintain excellent competition standards in regard to sportsmanship and fair play as we interact with opposing teams, coaches, fans and contest officials.  The Alumni and Friends continue to play a pivotal role in providing unrelenting support, energy, and enthusiasm for our athletes and coaches. We wish to thank them for all they do for our community. I look forward to another year that contributes to the rich tradition of athletics at Victory Christian Center School.


Marcus Dilligard

Director of Athletics