Aerospace CEO Awards Computers to VCCS

Last week, Dwayne Baker, President and CEO of Phoenix-based DNKB, came to campus to encourage Middle and High School students to aim high and stay focused as they pursue their dreams.

Dwayne Baker, aerospace company owner, meets with Rocket Team Captains, Junior Olivia Edmonds & Senior Francis Colbert.

“Don’t be focused on where you are, but only on where you’re going,” said Baker, who also serves as president of the National Black Manufacturing Association. He said NBMA’s goal is “to bring manufacturing back to the United States and provide jobs to American veterans and underutilized American citizens.”

Amiya Pugh, Senior

Mr. Baker recounted many of the hardships  he faced in his early life. Unfortunately, these experiences influenced him to make detrimental life choices, including abusing drugs and even committing suicide. Mr. Baker, in describing his death by suicide confirmed to the assembly that “there is life after death.”

Despite all of the difficulties he faced and wrong turns he made, Mr. Baker still managed to achieve success. In 2012, he started his own company, DNKB, to support his invention, the “Purr-ifier.” Today, DNKB functions to “provide assembly of any products in the Aerospace, Medical Device and Commercial industries,” he said.  Additionally, Mr. Baker regularly gives back to the community through his nonprofit organization called Laptops For Learning (L4L).  Through L4L, he donated eight desktop computers to the VCCS Middle and High School and a laptop  to Senior Amiyah Pugh.

Mr. Baker had no shortage of praise for the teachers and administrators at VCCS, especially for our Principal, Mrs. Cheryl Riley. He also held great commendations for the VCCS Rocketry Teams and later enjoyed lunch with some of the members.